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IOTransfer 4 is the latest program from IOTransfer Studio, which allows users to transfer files from different devices so that everything is available, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or personal computer. IOTransfer can be used in a seven-day trial period with 20 transfers per day limit until you pay.

Although, as the name implies, IOTransfer 4 is the transfer of files from device to device, there is much more in this handy utility and tools. First, it offers an online video download feature, through which you can capture any video on YouTube that you want to watch later and transfer it from a downloadable device for viewing at your leisure — even when you are offline.

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There is also an extremely effective cleaning tool. If you have old data bits hanging on your iPad or iPhone from applications that you may have downloaded in the past, but were subsequently deleted, the system will find them and clear all leftovers from your device’s memory.

You can use it to backup images on a PC without having to install iTunes on your computer, which is very convenient if you run various types of music software on your computer for playback. The program also offers the powerful function of mass transfer of music files. According to the developers of IOTransfer Studio code, this is a much faster way to transfer iPhone music than any other method.

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As for software utilities and tools, IOTransfer 4 is a useful package. The program is designed for users who have on their iPad a lot of files and documents that they want to create or receive on their PC. Considering that, in fact, Apple devices were not the most user-friendly when they are connected to anything else, besides other Apple gadgets, this software is extremely useful because it makes transferring files from game A to B. You need a document which you wrote on your iPad, and want to combine it with images stored on your iPhone, but want to do it all on your PC, perhaps for a Powerpoint presentation?

If so, then IOTransfer is the management tool for you. Within a few mouse clicks, you can access everything you need, even if you have a lot of iPads connected to your computer. In addition to simplifying the transfer, the key function of the program is that it allows users to free the memory of their Apple devices. Too often, you cannot grab, record video, or download an application on an iPhone, for example, because the operating system takes up too much memory space.

With this package you can organize your files so that there is always room for something new when you are on the go.

Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit